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Bunion Surgery.

Dr. Gonzalez specializes in surgical correction of bunion deformities. He likes to evaluate each bunion and apply the appropriate procedure necessary to correct the bunion.

All of his bunion surgery procedures are performed as out-patient procedures under IV Sedation with Local Anesthesia (MAC Anesthesia), so there are no tubes down the patient's throat. The patient if off in "twilight sleep" and breathing on their own. Dr. Gonzalez then numbs the surgical area with local anesthesia. 

All of Dr. Gonzalez's bunion surgeries allow the patient to walk immediately following the procedure without the need for crutches, scooters or wheelchairs.

He does not perform the "new" Minimal Incision Procedures or Lapiplasty Procedures, as he finds he gets better results with the procedures he utilizes, as his patients are able to return to shoes sooner and have less discomfort. Most patients are giving a pain medication prescription for 3 days, and then change over to extra-strength tylenol and/or ibuprofen. 

Here are a few of the various Bunion Surgery Procedures that Dr. Gonzalez performs:

Bunion Surgery is our specialty. Please call the office and discuss it with Dr. Gonzalez. 

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